How do you prepare for your Rituals?

Started by TheMapleBeard, Jul 31, 2022, 12:35 PM

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I've been doing some reading with the Lesser Keys and Greater Keys of Solomon and it goes to quite the extent in regards to preparing for the rituals in the book. I understand that most if not all of this is for symbolic reasons, but this does have me thinking on how you guys prepare for your rituals.

I haven't done any rituals myself yet, as I'm just getting back into mediating and learning the LBRP, but I was thinking that when I do end up doing any workings from the book that I'll probably take a bath with some oils known for cleansing and possibly ones that are associated with the work about to be done.

So how do you guys prepare for your Rituals?


I use to do it till I got control and things down, but there are times I still use it.  I suggest it till things flow well.
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