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Started by League, Jul 25, 2022, 08:49 PM

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We are building a serious forum and community for Paranormal, Magic, Occult, Metaphysical and Esoteric studies. We initiated this ambitious project to resolve a noticeable rift between many of those interested in the paranormal, whether they are just starting or have years of experience and knowledge in these topics. We are here to reinforce the common threads in esoteric lore, and bolster communication between the various specialized fields emerging as modern occult trends. It is, therefore, our mission to provide a sanctuary for like-minded individuals who, as ourselves, enjoy spending their time making new connections, learning, and sharing knowledge. We have organized this site as a members only area for the main board. In so doing, we hope that the environment here will be more inviting, in turn making it easier for members to open up and express themselves without the whole world reading what they write. Our members are very active, and new content is added every day. We aspire to deliver a full spectrum of Paranormal, Occult, Magic, Metaphysics, and much more information on the net.

This is a place where the most buried secrets of the Mysteries are laid open by independent researchers, driven to share the truth. Therefore, one of our missions is to provide a sanctuary for like-minded individuals who, as ourselves, enjoy spending their time making new connections, learning, and sharing knowledge.

Our Rules:

Please mind the Rules, Even though we are allowing Debates and Rants, please note we will still be enforcing the rules and these guidelines for this board below

1) Posts must remain respectful of the opinions of others, even if contrary to your own.

2) If you wind up in an argument with another member, please note the moderators will prevent it from derailing the topic or if the argument has no purpose we have the option to lock the topic or delete posts we feel are not within the community guidelines.

3) Mind the Site Rules. While this forum is a bit more lax in regard to topics and flaming, and you can get away with a bit more chest-thumping and phallus-waving here, all of the other original Site Rules still apply. Infractions can and will be handed out, and repeat offenders may see themselves on the outside of the door - again, without warning.

4) Attack the Argument, Not the Individual. It's pretty simple, really. If you want to say So-and-So is making a weak argument or their opinion is incorrect because [blank], then do so in as clear a manner as you are willing and able to do so. That said, we will let things slide up to and not over the point of personal threats. At that point - you guessed it - you will be expelled from this forum. As is already standard practice, personal threats outside of this forum will result in an instant vacation (this includes threats made via Private Message).

5) Race Has No Place Here. It's one thing to discuss politics. It's an altogether different thing to cast aspersions on another human being based on their color. For example, if you hate the illegal immigration crisis, hey - great. Let your voice be heard. But if you're just hell-bent on ranting about Mexicans, or "them *#$&#*$ #$(#&$(#$&," then you do not belong here. This will not be debated; there are no excuses. If a member of the administrator staff deems your post offensive in this regard, your access to this forum will be removed and expect to be banned completely from the Forum.

6) No stalking.

7) The Forum staff has the last word. If the admin/Mod team feels the need to remove any member from this section, we can and will with no warning or explanation

Membership is free. Donations are always appreciated but never expected

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All our images come either Wiki Media Commons or Pixabay available under the Creative Commons CC0 License & Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; GNU Free Documentation License, Our own pictures, Library of Congress and images used by permission from organizations or individuals. We have added Credits on all images. If we have missed any credits please contact us so we can add credits if we missed any or if any of our users used an image without giving credit please let us know.. We believe in giving credit were credit is due.

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