Musings on the Nature of Magik

Started by Gh0sty, Aug 08, 2022, 08:15 PM

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Is Magik merely a perspective?

Or is there something substantial there that one can harness and direct?

Again though, one could take a different slant and say these are psychic powers, i.e. Siddhis.

Are we talking synonyms of terminology?

Is "Magik" the best word for this aspect of reality, or are we talking personal preference?
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I think Magick exists, though in a more subtle form. We aren't seeing people levitate and flying around on broomsticks. This can be intertwined with psychics as well, but I guess you are right in saying that it is all in perspective.


My thoughts are that if there is something real to it, then it can potentially be figured about by Science. Though I think that's a dangerous road... when it takes the Mystery and Sense of Divine out of the picture.
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Yes you think science could explain a few things, but seems to not be able too
Look closely, Seeing is believing, but is it truth? Depends on your point-of-view.


"the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will." - Crowley's definition.

That about sums it up.

I don't think traditional science is ever going to explain it - although they'll try and then come up with some psycho babble to try and do so.

Does it work? If you need to ask that question then you've never had results.

Personally I don't argue with final results or a 5 minute chat in the black mirror with an Archangel or Goetic Spirit that are as old as the Universe - I just know it works.

Lucifer once said to me, ''You do realise that duality is a myth''? I replied ''Yeah .... course I do''. He laughed and said, ''Fuck off Monsieur''.


I think skeptics can have it work. You may have some that will try to explain it hand over foot on something that doesn't quite make sense to them. Intent is very important, probably the most important aspects of practicing, but even a skeptic who tries is probably somewhat curious if it will work and in the end may hand wave the success as coincidence or become a believer.