Ouija Board Experience

Started by TheMapleBeard, Aug 01, 2022, 09:08 PM

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This happened back when I was probably around 10 years old. My brother, friend, and myself got our hands on a Ouija Board. We brought it over to our friends house and decided to give it a whirl. We followed the instructions and had some good laughs scaring each other, but the "Last Call" that we did was a tad different. I remember the hand piece moving and the confused looks on all of our faces since neither of us were joking around moving it. I don't remember the name that was given but I do remember it saying that it was "bad". Being the dumb kids we were we asked it to prove it and we heard a crash in my friends room. We all ran upstairs and went to his bedroom to what looked like the aftermath of a tornado. Books were off the shelves, sheets off the bed and trophies on the floor. This jittered us pretty good but we decided to continue and ask some more questions. I still can't remember what we asked, but I do remember the basement lights flickering. This freaked us out and we ran upstairs. My brother and I made it up but we heard the thud of our friend falling up the stairs. After he got up we shut the door and asked him if he was okay. I remember vividly that he said he felt a hand grab around his ankle and tug and the next day he said he had a bruise where he was grabbed.

It was a pretty wild experience to have at 10 years old. I think about this moment at least once a year and ask myself. "Did we just have an over active imagination or did we actually speak to something not entirely human.".


I had one when I was about the same age. I agree it inspired me to look into things more.


Seems to be when you least expect it, something paranormal happens. Meaning, at first you were joking around, but then the tables turned and you were the subject of the joke.
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Yeah that is true, until it's in their face. Reality smacks you.  Interesting how life is like that and so is the paranormal