I know its not what is usually recommended to do. But, for defense & protection how do you fight evil if you cant recognize or identify it other than “take it back”, “boomerang” it, do blessings & turn mirrors toward the outside in our homes? I don’t recommend it for everyone, The power & knowledge are heavy temptations. the usual route people take is looking @ books like “The Satanic Bible”, the “Book of the Dead”, Aleister Crowley & the “Hermetic Order of the Dawn”. I researched them too but, sadly I walked away w out much of the knowledge needed. I have found things in less well known books & of course “in the field “.

About 2-3 years ago i started re-studying gemology for Rieke  & Chakra. I decided to re-do herbology  to include “root work” (Hoodoo & Voodoo.). Obviously the “root work” had more dark in it but, just SO much herbal knowledge & tradition shouldn’t be ignored. Its mainly a choice of how you use the knowledge contained whether good or bad.

Another good reason is demons. I’ve witnessed & been effected by 2 different “possessions”. The 1st was a student who committed suicide @ 1 of the high schools I attended J.F.K. Prep which was in the top ten most haunted spots until no ghost hunters could get “all access”. She possessed 1 of my friends I was w @ the time. It was a friendly “possession”. watching my friends face & demeanor change instantly was freaky but, beautiful. The dead student said “Can I please stay here forever? Can I please stay in the woods? I’m happy here.” I made the promise & she just took off out of my friends body.

The 2nd “possession”? it was the stuff of nightmares. My friends boyfriend “dabbled” & conjured Andrealphas ( not sure of the spelling. I’ve moved recently & my demon dictionary hasn’t  “surfaced” yet. ) who if I’m remembering correctly is a sex demon. My friend is like a size zero & her boyfriend, my room mate, & I tried to hold her down…no luck. I received over 14 human bites during the possession. It could have been worse. I just kept calling upon the Goddess, my ancestors, & dead friends for help. Something “clicked” & my friend was back & the demon was banished. I’m adding just some of my demon research so you all know how easy it is to become possessed.

An agreement (Known or Unknown.) is made to give up personal power through fear, anger, or other lower based emotions. Fear based emotions open the aura allowing them to enter. choosing fear or anger gives it part of its power. “Soul Loss”-loss of personal power & energy from trauma. A part of the soul leaves the body to survive the experience. When it occurs it causes holes & openings in a aura which allows entry of dark forces & spirit attachments

Five types of Demons or Dark Forces: 1.) Shape shifting Giants. 2.)Lesser Demons 3.) Dark E.T.’s & Reptilian/Grey’s 4.) Fallen Angels (angels are pre-christian.) 5.)Negative spirit entities (Spirits who have chosen to work w/dark forces.).

Basically it’s up to whoever deals w the dark forces whether to fight or join them. Research yes. I for one won’t join them. Fight them? Yes! Until I’m dead & in the Summer Lands!

Many Blessings !

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Sister Moonshine

My birth name is Carrie Elizabeth Kraft. I had 1 marriage in 1983, legally separated in 1984 & finally divorced in 1988. The reason it took so long to get the divorce is my ex held the hope we’d get back together. He cheated on me & there was abuse 2 things I don’t tolerate. I kept his last name in the divorce as we were forced to marry by our families due to the fact I was pregnant w my daughter.
So on FB my name is Carrie Kraft Connor. My daughter Angela (Gemini) is now 34, engaged, and has given me 2 very magickal grandchildren ( Either the magick skipped generation or the Goddess in her infinite wisdom realized my kids would not take the time or effort to actually practice magick.), Jaden (Libra.) who is 10 was born on Friday October 13th (lol.), Lillian (princess tiger Lily.Born in the sign if Cancer.) Was born 3 years ago on July 12th. They have both told me they “see things other people don’t” (ghosts.). I’m finally @ peace that the “line” will go on. My son Dakota is 24 (Leo.) & Is finally asking about chakra’s. He was named Dakota as part of my line on thier way accross the plains bought land in South Dakota & there’s more than the “one drop” of “the people’s” blood in me, my daughter, & my son (Lakota oglala.) he likes to be called “Kota”. My daughter also has ojibawa blood from her father. There will be more about them (my children & grandchildren.). I’m planning an article “Magick inherited vs self taught”. To address the issue.
I’m an Aquarius. Between my mother & Father besides the Lakota, I am Scotch/Irish from my father’s side & German/Dutch on my mother’s side w a few drops of gypsy blood as well.
Both my sets of grandparents will also be in the “Inherited” article.
W what’s already written I feel comfortable enough to share a little on how the magick Inherited showed itself.
The 1st “gift”(Age 4 till now.) was healing. 8 out of 10 animals & birds i found injured recovered & didn’t die. It was my mom’s first clue I may have “Inherited” the “magick” Gene. It also lead to “light work” (Healing either “hands on”, or the astral plane.).
The 2nd “gift” was seeing & communicating w the dead. “Veil walking”. @ 5 I saw my first “spirits” in the house I grew up in. When I told my mother she just pointed her finger @ me & said “Your the “one”. Her saying that freaked me out & I began to cry. My mom just held me & said it was going to be ok. She proceeded to take me to our library in town & show me the history of our house. It was built by a lumber “Baron” for his son all 3 spirits did die in that house. The basement? There was a cave they hid slaves in until they could get them accross the street to the Menominee river & on thier way to where ever they needed to escape to. My mother never got along w my grandma Kraft so when she died she burnt all her magickal things including her Book of Shadows. I have some of her things but, that book was irreplaceable.
The “gift” of being an empath? I feel it was always there since I was born.
“Divination”…when I was 17 I went to a boarding school called J.F.K. Prep. It was there I held my first pack of tarot cards ( Grandma Kraft’s were also burned.). I began serious research into the magickal arts. I call it the begining of my journey of research & “trial & error”. So 39 yr.s of research & practising w the magickal gifts given to me.
W the divination I read tarot, runes, palms (easiest way to prove if you have to that your not crazy to others lol.), I scry, & also read thru crystal balls.
I’ve lived thru having 2 of my friends being possesed. The first was a beautiful thing the second? I lived but got over 14 human bites. The demon was banished. I will also be writing about my experiences w it & how I dealt w it.
I’m thinking that about covers it for now i may add more later. I’m currently ghost hunting in my area & possibly more of Wisconsin there will be an article on that too. I wasn’t sure what to cover in this bio & believe me it’s as “simplified” as I could get but, before I write any articles I wanted to @ least give some if my back ground. If the Goddess is kind & no magickal emergency pops up I’ll begin the first article tonight or Sunday. I plan on calling it “The first haunting” w my childhood home…may as well start @ the begining lol.
Many blessings to all who are gathered here!

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