Sometime around the 15th century humanity got it in its head that we had somehow become enlightened. Science began to take the forefront and we assumed that just because not all legends are true that the supernatural was, as such, a series of fairy tales and no longer had a place in society’s belief structure because we couldn’t prove it with science at the time.

Since then the assumption has been that things like witchcraft and the occult have no value, placing these things into the same category as religion. “Magic isn’t real.” We say. “Spirits aren’t real”…

However, on the fringes of science today we find names such as Gregg Braden, Matsuru Emotto, Shrodinger and Tesla that have peered into the invisible world in various ways as a pure scientist. No superstition attached, thus allowing the emperical science to truly take a look at the true final frontier (Sorry Gene Rodenbury), the fabric of reality iteself.

The quantum double split experiment and experiments on the effects of the mind on it, Rupert Sheldrake’s experiments on telepathy as well as numerous experiments done by government scientists on nonphysical phenomena, including the placebo effect have begun to reveal that there is a very scientific aspect of this thing we once called the supernatural.

Paranormal researchers today, psychics that have assisted police as well as men like Aleister Crowley have all touched some of these concepts from beyond our own senses. I, myself have had long conversations with beings and entities via evocation that by the old and archaic models of rigid science… should not exist.

So you, at some point, feel that scientific urge to shrug off a feeling to do some occult digging because it is a silly idea and nothing exists beyond what you can see and feel and touch and taste then ask the question: “But how can you truly be sure unless you test the waters yourself?”

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