This article touches upon Astrology, Astrotheology, Precession of the Equinox and Symbol Literacy.

We know that the Astrological Signs are directly sourced from their corresponding Constellations. What is not widely known is the Precession of the Equinox. In short, Precession of the Equinox is the movement of the Constellations, moving backwards through the Zodiac.

The Age we are in now is Pisces, which means that the Pisces Constellation is directly in line with the Rising Sun at Dawn of the Vernal (Spring) Equinox. The rate of this movement of Constellations is 72 years per 1 Degree. There are 360 Degrees in the Circle, and 12 Signs or Ages per “Great Year”. This means that each Age lasts 2,160 years, being 30 Degrees per Age. And a Great Year is 25,920 years.

We entered the Ages of Pisces around 1 AD. And so the Age of Aquarius will begin approximately 2160 AD. During each Age the Symbolism of Religions changes. For example in the Age of Taurus, the Bull was worshiped. One can find many Fish Symbolism in the Bible, as we’re in the Age of Pisces currently.

As one becomes Symbol Literate, a whole new way of thinking, one that of intuition becomes open to the individual. Below I’ve outlined a Guideline or Code of Ethic to maintain through the Ages of the Great Year. Feel free to adapt your own ideas, as it’s merely an example, because we all walk our own path and have our own ideals of what a Code to Live by should look like.

In the Age of Pisces, catch two fish and share truth with a friend.
Instruct a Man on how to Fish.

In the Age of Aquarius, we draw the Truth from the Infinite Well and
bring it to the people.
Rain Down Wisdom on the People.

In the Age of Capricorn, we dive deep into the Ocean of Truth and climb
the Highest Mountains, coming back to the Land, bringing our Knowledge
with us.
Encourage the Dreamers to Dream, and Awaken them to Lucidity.

In the Age of Sagittarius, the Truth is as an Arrow, both Pointing the
Way and Penetrating Deeply.
Initiate the Young into the Way of the Hunt.

In the Age of Scorpio, we find Truth to be both the Poison and the Antidote.
Always give the Antidote when using Truth to Poison.

In the Age of Libra, we weigh the Truth carefully and with care.
Instruct the Students of the Truth to use their own Logic.

In the Age of Virgo, we abide with the Truth in innocence and purity.
Take Another’s Virginity with Truth.

In the Age of Leo, we remain in and find pride in the Truth.
Inspire Others to Lead Themselves.

In the Age of Cancer, we take hold of the Truth and don’t let go
and pinch others with the Truth.
Stay Willing to Share Freely.

In the Age of Gemini, we find the Truth as matching/twinning our intuition.
Show others their own reflection and likeness.

In the Age of Taurus, we Stand Our Ground and Charge with the Truth.
Be One Among the Stampede.

In the Age of Aries, we find the truth by climbing the heights,
and we ram the truth unrelentingly.
Join the Others Climbing the Heights.

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For more in depth information on the Precession of the Equinox I recommend the work of Graham Hancock.

-Written by Daven Cain-

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