Anyone who knows the heroes journey has heard of the dark night of the soul. But for those who have heard it, not all know it has significant and real meaning, especially on the path of spiritual ascent.


It’s no mystery that humanity has a dark side. In fact every human being on earth has one. A temper maybe or some invasive thought from time to time that you may shrug off. Some have much better control over their inner darkness than others… But I’m here now to tell you that there is nothing wrong with having a darkness in you.


For those on the occult path of any kind it becomes necessary,  sooner or later, to face that inner darkness. That personal demon is ingrained and a vital piece of the self. Especially when you are in danger. But there is a time and a place for it and the dark night of the soul is the journey to hone your dark half.


Masters in arts such as Kung Fu know all too well what it is to overcome that beast inside through self mastery. Not only of their skills, but of themselves as an individual. A maturity of the soul, if you will.


In the dark night of the soul you will come face to face with the most sinister aspects of yourself. In fact this is an essential task in becoming initiated into many secret societies such as The Order of Freemasons.


The truth is, this process is exactly what has scared exoteric religions away from any form of witchcraft. Because it is hard to face that kind of thing, especially in your own self. Occult writer Dante Abiel said it best : The devil you see in the mirror will scare you more than any other.


This is especially true of that side that has been left unchecked and unpunished by circumstances as they raise Hell because they have become a servant to their own demons. Don’t fall victim to it by running away or turning from it. To do so can lead to possession by your own egregores.


So upon this path of magick and mysticism… face down your demon and reign it in properly or suffer greatly. Ways this can be done are:


Meditation upon your own hate and biases in regards to their origin within you. Digging deep inward to truly know yourself intimately and to reserve that darkness for enemies that would subdue you.


It can also be done by finding outlets for the demons that are productive rather than destructive. Some of my favorite examples of ordinary people who have been wildly successful by channeling their darkness into productive works include Marilyn Manson,  Stephen King, Clive Barker and Ryan Murphy who does American Horror Story.


Your demons don’t have to be your tormentors. As a magician and a witch or whatever you prefer to go by… that darkness can become the most beautiful kind of personal growth and evolution if you guide yourself the right way. The way of Catabasis. The way of conquering the shadows.

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