The Empress

Meaning in a Tarot reading :
Developing Skills
New ventures
Appearance : Mother Earth, and she represents the female symbol for Venus. References to her fertility are abundant. Her crown is comprised of many elegant designs, and six its hanging down from the crown and has astrological significance. She deep eyes, which captures ones attention, signifies the world and all of its endless experiences. Interpretation : This card in my deck features a good friend of mine called Jo. She was not pregnant at the time but I sensed that she would become a fantastic mother as indeed she has. Jo is originally from the Forest of Dean and has never lost that otherworldly quality, even though she now lives in that sprawling metropolis New York. This is important, The Empress may travel far and wide but always carries with her a direct connection to her roots and nature.
The Empress is the face of encouragement, she is comforting and familiar. She symbolises that abundance can be yours and the support you need to attain it is always available and can be relied upon.
She can also signify that you should focus on your role as a mother, or indeed you relationship with your own mother or mother figure.
She invariably indicates that a female friend, relative or associate may surprise you by showing you love or compassion should you need it.
Primarily though I have found that the Empress embodies creativity and artistic abilities and any such skills should be developed as they will provide you with genuine satisfaction. The third card is a summation of the first two cards. The Father (1, active) and the Mother (2, passive) result in the child (1+2=3, androgynous or neutral). The neutral agent is the link between two polar opposites. The qualities of the active and passive principles, will determine the ascending or descending nature of the neutral agent which is born.

Pictured is a woman sitting on a throne. In her right hand is a scepter with the symbol of venus at the top. In her left hand is a shield with a phoenix who wears a solar cross. This woman is winged and crowned with 12 stars. She is clothed in white and has her right foot upon the moon.

The woman in the image is the Lady Venus who rules over all stages of life with love and attraction. This is symbolized by the 12 stars of her crown representing the astrological signs and the symbol of venus on her scepter. The symbol of Venus is itself a synthesis of two symbols. The o or sphere representing creation and the + or cross representing the elements, and that the symbol of venus is on a scepter also reinforces this idea.

The phoenix on the shield also suggests the idea of birth and rebirth. Therefore love will bring victory and dominate over all obstacles and resistances which are encountered. The cross on the neck of the phoenix is to remind us that the cycles of rebirth are a natural process in the union of active and passive principles.

She wears a gown of white to symbolize the sun and with her right foot placed upon the moon, she rules over all levels of creation. Through this process of creation, her wings are to remind us of the ideas of ascension.
III The Empress
The cosmic attribution for this Trump is Venus. The Hebrew letter is Daleth. Daleth translated means �A Door�. Along with the strict Love of Venus, this Hebrew attribute of Daleth is one of the Keys of Magick as Theurgy, and Divination. In Divination this card could represent a Hierarchy or a structure or system, which has control of a situation in your life. An Example of this would be �a school board�, the �company handbook�, a set of �principals� that guide your decision making, etc, etc, etc�� These will come in a female nature. She is Motherly, Loving, Caring, Stern, and sometimes as violent and as quick as a thunder and lightning storm. The Empress can bring the reassurances of Love, yet the message here is to embrace her Love. And that means embrace the situation and attempt to work within the guidelines of the structure that seems to be constraining your goals. In Magick this Daleth represents �The Door of the Theurgist�. This door is invisible to many but is known to the Alchemists. The Alchemists know the nature and hierarchy of the cosmic forces and how these forces operate together. These relationships create opposition and opportunity in Magick. To work within these cosmic relationships can be beneficial to the Magus. The clues that have been left for us, are for one part hidden in the Tarot, and for the other part displayed openly in pop culture in the statement of: �Men are from Mars & Woman are from Venus�.
If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, than tell me why The Empress is attributed to Venus, yet her counterpart The Emperor is attributed to Aries�.? This is �The Door of the Theurgist�. This door leads from Planetary Magick into Zodiacal or Astrological Magick With the Favor of Hathor and Zeus you could be swept into the astrological realm of Aries and The Emperor. And this is a wonderful thing, and the beginning of a new realm of developmental progress.. This was a high secret of Magick, and there are more reasons than Theurgy where this Love Triangle could be beneficial to the Magus.Note in the card how her back is turned from the Red Sphere. This clue is the root of the distress or estrangement of Mars. Yet looks are deceiving�..Love still rules all, and we can see the pain, and longing of Love in our Lady�s eyes. In Magick the vibrations are: He yod vav he Tsev ot
Ha ne el
E lo hem
Hag e el
No gah The Enochian Hierarchy: King Balegon
Prince Bagenol Some Associations are: The First Enochian Call
The God-form is Hathor � this vibration is: Ket kru
Sandalwood, Myrtle, Rose
Correspondences : Tree of Life Path : 4
Trump : 3-Empress Hebrew Letter : daleth, Element Planet Zodiac : Venus Deities : Aphrodite, Hathor
Animal : Dove, Swan, Sparrow
Plant : Myrtle, Rose

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