1. Moon Signs intrigue most of us .Although we are familiar with our Sun Signs and ,by now , many people who are interested in astrology will have calculated or found out their Moon Sign from their time and place of birth , few understand in general how to work with your Moon Sign for maximum potential in their lives .Evolved souls are often very interested in their cosmic journey from the perspective of learning about the Moon’s karmic and astrological position in their charts .

Traditionally, most astrologers have seen the Moon Sign as the hidden part of our character and nature, and have in many ways used this knowledge to understand both our emotional sides and our hidden psychology working behind the dynamic  power of your Sun Sign .It is possible to have your Moon Sign worked out in both degree and sign accurately, using astrological programmes or by having it calculated by a professional astrologer .

Let us go through to begin with what sign means what in your chart , depending on the sign it is found in .Some people have the Moon in the same Sign as their Sun sign and we say it is conjunct in certain degrees their Sun .Some people have the Moon opposite their Sun and we say it is in opposition to their Sun.Your Moon can also be trine your Sun or in square to your Sun .I will discuss these positions at a later time .

Moon in Aries – This position of the Moon is one of dynamic power and energy .You are an adventurous soul who longs for reaching your full potential in this incarnation .You may have been a pioneer in a past life and certain cultures appeal to you from the Viking to the Ancient tribes of the beginning of the known human world .Your favorite role is that of the leader and you are passionate about all that you do , but you sometimes suffer from impatience or lack of follow through .Your special Moon sign position makes you as and when you reach the level of an evolved soul , natural teacher .You find people automatically come to you for advice or help in their lives, and often ask you for your opinion .A fire moon is compatible with other fire moons , like Leo or Sagittarius or the Air Moons .

Moon in Taurus -A Moon in Taurus is a good manager and is a person of some weight in terms of stature .Moon Taureans command high levels of respect and are clearly recognized as ‘ rocks ‘ in times of trouble or trial .Emotionally, you are stubborn but have a deep need for partnership .You strive for perfection in your career and love to be viewed as a mentor or someone that others can rely on .In a past life or incarnation, you may have been a leader or an organiser in intricate cultures like the Japanese example .You feel strongly that you should be taken seriously, but watch tendencies to bully .Material wealth comes easily to you .You have great financial acumen .If for some reason it does not, you may need to look at your true ethics more and review morality or spirituality in your life and its’ role .Water Moons sing with you in love and friendship.

Moon in Gemini -Being a Moon in Gemini makes you dualistic in nature and very flexible .Your ‘s is the Moon Sign of the reasoned counsel or the judge .You can see both sides to most questions and this gives you a great power to advance in your career and potential .You can heal others with your logic as you are able to get them to listen up and act with calm ,but in your own life you may suffer from changes of mood or direction if you lose your soul’s natural pathway for advancement .In a past life you may have been a courtier or a diplomat and you relate to the intrigues of complex societies like the Venetians example or the Senate in Greece.Your Air sign is compatible with other Air Moons .You can be inconsistent in partnership but if you settle you are never boring .

Moon in Cancer -Moon Cancerians are intriguing people with a flair for imagination and creativity .The ruler of Cancer is the Moon anyway, so having the Moon in this sign means that you have very strong intuition which will help you to succeed in both your private and personal life .The Moon is highly significant to you and you will have a natural resonance to all areas pertaining to the Moon including study of the universe and love of water in all its ‘ forms from the ocean to a peaceful lake .In a past life , you may have been a finder of secrets or an explorer .Ancient civilisations amaze and call to you and you may especially relate to the cities of the ancient cradles of human endeavour like Constantinople .You seek partnership with wise souls .Water Moons and you make music in friendship and love .

Moon in Leo-Your Moon sign allows you to be the natural entertainer and entrepreneur .You love being in the limelight ,but have to watch too much pride.Like the strong lion,you can be autocratic and domineering,but you crave acceptance.Past lives may have found you a trader or a patronised artist in cultures like the Middle East and renaissance Italy.In this life you look for happiness with air moon signs.

Moon in Virgo-Your Moon Sign shows that you have been evolving into a discerning person.A high proportion of Moon Virgo people reach high levels of material achievement.You have an instinct for finding out secrets,and can be often found in trusted roles.Emotionally you are a private,yet sensual partner.Past lives may have seen you as a financial consultant and adviser.Countries like Germany and Scandanavia may appeal to you.Earth and water moons soothe your spirit.

Moon in Libra-Your Moon Sign denotes a nature drawn to harmony,equality and balance.You are a person whose emotions are kept in check,but who values an intelligent mate.Lack of refinement repels you.You can be indecisive but you hate to be rushed.Past lives may have seen you as a counselor or a whisperer to important leaders.You may connect well to Western European culture. In love , you harmonise with air and earth moons best.                                                                                                             Moon in Scorpio-Your sign has deep and powerful emotions!You are one of the most intense of the Moon Signs emotionally and one of the most dangerous to cross.Moon Scorpions suit work that is highly confidential and sometimes even top secret!When you love you love consumingly.Past lives sees you as perhaps once a ruler yourself.Beware overuse of power games.The cultures of the Aztecs and the ancient Sth American may appeal to you.Earth moons resonate with you.Fire moons challenge you.                                                                                       Moon in Sagittarius-This is the moon sign of the power seeker and manager.You manage to sell snow to the eskimos with your salesmanship and style.Emotionally,you have a deep need for freedom.This may keep you single for longer than most ,or lead to changes of partner.Romance is essential to you.Past lives connect you with open spaces and countries like Australia.You raise drama with other fire moon signs.Water sign Moons may test your patience but be karmically linked.                                                                                                     Moon in Capricorn-Your Moon sign can be a reserved one .Although you are capable of loyalty and strong attachments ,you are essentially a pragmatist.Your Moon sign is associated with the British Isles and the Hebrides.Your soul has learned to be enduring and individualistic.In this life ,your moon sign will allow you to live a life of great value.Use this power wisely.You need the detachment of air moons.                                                                                       Moon in Aquarius-Your moon sign is inventive ,and you naturally rotate your life to great success.Your talents are clear to most around you.However,you must watch being too easily manipulated in love.Regal,intelligent and charming,your magnetism attracts attention.Past lives may have been spent in countries like Africa or India.You may not,however follow a conventional path in spirituality.Fire moons enchant you,and you find air moons calming on the whole.                                                                                                               Moon in Pisces-Astrologers see this Moon sign as humorous and creative.However,the power of  the Moon in this sign is sometimes masked by the natives’ tendency to be self effacing or modest in some cases.Moon Pisces people are usually compassionate, but some deal with a number of challenges on the karmic pathways before finding the spiritual peace they most need.Creative innovative work suits them best.Moon Pisceans relate to the need to meditate and work on the growth of inner strength.Past lives may have been in Egypt or Sumeria.Other water moons often comfort them.Air moons can also match them well.

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