How to create a magical homespace for your next move or projected one. First,you may want to do a ritual to obtain the new space you want before you get onto the practical part of finding the exact area you need.Positive thinking is a powerful part of creating a warm and restful home space. What may help you first is to workshop around your intent .The first part is to feel happy about yourself,your space and you.Positively work each day for a few minutes on creating a vision of a base that you can work in and from.During this period ,you may like to make space in your own life by giving or moving away items you do not want.You may care less about the old stamps book you have but someone else may treasure it .You can only think of the waste basket for some items that are old,but you would never give up your mom or dad’s wedding picture.As you work on clearing space for a new home both physically and mentally make a list in your special journal about a positive space for you.Avoid being a miser with your home magic.Wish for your close family and friends the same.

Home Magic Intent work is a practical movement in energy.You will need to focus on your real needs , what you can afford, what you can do without, what you cannot do without your physical health , your emotional and mental well being or state of mind or conditions.You may like places that are quiet, or places that are full of energy.You may long for some green in a garden or instead opt for a pot plant.What you need will be practical and based on those needs.Eg, I have a friend who is like my mom in some ways, around 70 years old.She is younger of course than my Mother but I think of her in that affectionate way.She wanted to move closer to her work , as she still works for an insurance group.She believes in positive thought and decided to move.Her husband and she , he is ten years younger ,wanted a place in between working and semi or full retirement and had already chosen a place to go to for full nursing care in their future, and put their name down to avoid disappointment.They were in that way fully organised for their future, but not for what they saw as a transition cycle in the now.Both are in reasonable health and relatively active as well, enjoying camping and cycling .After completing her ritual, Annie, not her name for privacy reasons, confided in me that she felt that she had the place of her dreams.She had found a two bedroom apartment in a modern apartment block.Although most of the tenants were my age or younger, she had met many of them and felt she , as an more mature person and her husband fitted in completely.She put her hand in the ring and made an application for the apartment.However, although the home space was good in so many ways, close to amenities, health facilities, provisions and social connections, she felt intuitively there was something wrong and contacted me for a consultation on the space to see what I thought about it , both as a friend of her’s and as someone who has a great interest in proper areas for living.

When I had a look at the apartment with her, I remarked on its obvious features.It was modern, well equipped and looked just right for her and her husband in the now.She seemed content that no pets were allowed , as both she and her husband often pet sat their daughter’s canary.However, something indeed , as she said, did not feel quite right.We went on a walk around the apartment and found out what it was… and no, it was not a poltergeist or a ghost or anything like that,nor was it a discovery that any of her neighbors were not as they seemed.Something far more of an earthly concern.

My friend had noted something that was not really in her interests in terms of a magical space.The apartment had two levels of stairs, and her husband had been reluctant to raise the impracticality of that with her , as she was a fit woman but he was not happy with stairs only no lift ! She finally allowed her intuition to speak to her in a pragmatic way and raised it with him .He then opened up that it was a concern to him too, as there was no access to a lift at all .We both looked at the stairs and agreed if it was a possible issue for either of them it had to be faced.We then set about organizing an appointment with her agent, and luckily, the apartment could be rented to someone else instead who was on a waiting list.She and her husband delayed their move.We then redesigned her workshopping for a proper homespace.She undertook to do her practical working of her need and re do her energy work and then, to look for a better homespace.She did indeed find that and moved recently.

So, like I am saying, do not just focus on what you want, but what you really need and do not be afraid to get yourself what you really need, take a positive approach.

To do your working for a better or more positive homespace of place of residence you will need the following .
A quantity of dried Sage .You can do this yourself if you do not wish to buy the shop selling items .A burner for essential oil .A staw broom or duster. Some sandalwood incense .When you have collected your tools,chose a waxing moon cycle and first clear the space you are in.To do this burn Sage as a smudging ritual,and burn the incense and or oil but not to excess.If this is not possible,place them on the alter you set up as cleansing energies. Place your broom in the right hand corner of your room upright to symbolise sweeping away obstacles.
Now you are ready to write down the details of what you need in your homespace.Make sure you include in detail what you really want.Do not be too far over reaching but dare to see and invoke the universal energy to dirct you to the next place you will settle in.Keep this special journal near where you sleep to fill with ideas or thoughts about your next home.Be open to a positive healing change. Next,after you have smudged and cleared your space get down to the practical part of finding the area and abode you need to move to.Avoid distracting or negatively minded people at this point.Do your math but stay open to opportunity.A very important part of moving is that magic in the next ho mespace.Your faith and your focus working for you can be the secret to a successful move.Once you have located the right place,it will be time for house warming and preparing which I will cover in another article. I recommend doing your working a least twice a month until your goal is reached.The act of doing will focus your mind and keep your perspective positive.Good Househunting.

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