The Practice:

This is small list of items or parts of your rituals that are used in your practice.

Sacred Space – Before you begin any magic practice,you create a sacred space for yourself by casting a circle, within this circle your witchcraft growth will take place, after you have called the circle you call the four elements, you then summon the guardians to protect the elements and the circle. A circle is your sacred area in which to meditate, perform rituals, and participate in any form of magic and spell casting. This is your protective barrier and helps you to make the connection between earth and the ethereal. During this ritual energies are raised that you will direct to attain your desired magic goal. You begin your work once you have cast your magic circle, you learn to be a practicing witch within your sacred circle. The more you do this the faster you will develop and understand the energies you are working with. Write in your journal each time you meditate and you will be able to review your progress and chart your course.

Altars – Altars have been used for ceremonies, both religious and otherwise for aeons, there are historic associations with the Goddess and Mother Earth, who rule the wheel of birth/death/rebirth. It can be a simply constructed one, or more elaborate, it is whatever the individual desires. You may use any flat, firm surface, a table, desk, dressing table, a plane wooden box with a beautiful piece of fabric placed over it. On your altar you can place anything associated with occult practices. This will be your sacred space where you go to meditate, chant your spells, conduct rituals and generally practice Magic. It is your space and what is pleasing to you, although I would suggest a beautiful cover of some sort to place on your table, unless it is a particularly beautiful piece of furniture without any need of decoration. Here you will meditate, place crystals, candles, amulets, talismans, magic statues and incense, fragrant oils and figurines, statues or images of deities. One male and one female statue, placed at opposite ends of the altar will represent the yin and yang energies. Usually the goddess statue is placed to the left of the altar, and the god statue to the right. Your Book of Shadows can be placed on the left hand side of your altar. Have everything at the ready before you begin your meditation and magic practices.

Amulets – are objects imbued with magical properties and the amulet can be used as a protection against evil or misfortune, they are among the most powerful protectors. Amulets are made from a variety of materials, and fashioned into various shapes, worn as necklaces, rings or bracelets, some have inscriptions carved into them, others have precious or semi-precious gems. The amulets are then imbued with magical powers of protection, usually through chanting and spells.

– The silver pentacle the religious symbol of the craft, is the most powerful amulet that can be worn, and many following the path of the witch wear one, silver has amuletic properties. During rituals undertaken by the solitary witch or within a coven, the sign of the pentacle is drawn in the air as protection. The pentagram is the five-pointed star pattern, believed to be imbued with magical powers and is used in magic circles for the purposes of ritual magic. It is also used as a means to aid transmission with the spirit world.

Herbs and Fragrant Oils
 – Herbs, fragrant oils, anointed flowers and plants can be placed in a charm bag and used as an amulet, some witches carry a bottle of fragrant oil mixed with herbs in a silver container around their neck. An amulet with an inscription is a charm, amulets are generally worn around the neck. They can be used to protect the home, business, health, historically they were often used to guard tombs.

Ankh – The Egyptians were great believers in amulets, for fertility a frog amulet was used. The ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life, regeneration, immortality, the ankh, means “life” and “hand mirror.” The ankh is a protection against negative energies, it is an auspicious symbol and stands for benevolent energies and good fortune. Animal shapes were often crafted and used for amulets, a universal symbol of protection is the eye. Phallic symbols are represented by hands and horns and are a protection against the evil eye.

Scarab Beetle –
 The scarab beetle means resurrection after death and protection against evil, it is also the symbol against difficulties and the ability to overcome. Even within a dead scarab there is life as tiny scarabs use the shell as their home and emerge as beautiful insects bringing the message life carries on. The scarab beetle is known to roll mud ball and this is considered a type of worship, witches consider the scarab a symbol of the continuation of life through rebirth, to the Egyptians it was a sacred creature. Scarab talismans and amulets were worn in ancient Egypt, witches are fully aware of the power of the scarab, believing it a powerful amulet. The scarab amulet can be infused with magical powers through the use of essential oils, herbs, chants magic spells and rituals.

Magic Symbols
 – Magic symbols are often inscribed on necklaces, bracelets, and rings to be used as amulets, also the names of powerful deities, goddesses and gods, numbers and magical words. It is believed that by using the name of a particular deity, you are tapping into divine power.

The Triple Goddess
 – The principle female deity of witchcraft, based on early Celtic images is, The Triple Goddess. The three personalities are the youthful Diana goddess of the hunt, the maiden, Luna goddess of the Moon, the mother, the old Crone.

Wand – A wand can be an important tool, it works as a focus for energy and magic. The wand dates back to the fifteenth century when witches and sorcerers used their wands for all types of magic, they pointed, chanted, and magic happened. For the novice the wand is used to help focus on, and build energy for their magic practices, it becomes charged with energy through use. Some use very simple wands, others more elaborate ones, studded with precious and semi-precious stones and feathers, and magic inscriptions, such as rune stone symbols, Celtic symbols, the ankh, scarab, five pointed star or the infinity sign.

The Astral Plane – Hidden energies emanate from the astral plane, it is the realm of higher existence, during deep meditation you can visit the astral plane for healing, guidance and wisdom. This is the higher realm of the supernatural, where otherworldly events take place. The astral world surrounds us and within this realm all our emotions and thoughts are contained, through meditation practice you are able to astral travel, leading to spiritual enlightenment and psychic awareness. To successfully astral travel, a clear and open mind, and a powerful will are needed.

Bells – Witches use bells before meditating and creating spells as the sound of the bell repels evil spirits, the sound of the bells is symbolic of creative and divine power, their shape is symbolic of the female force. The sound vibrations of bells as they ring possess magical powers and a spiritual energy, Buddhists use bells during their ceremonies and as a prelude to meditation. Bells are used as fertility charms, and for healing purposes, in the past the ringing of bells was said to drive away evil spirits. Bells are also used to call fairies, and on nights when witches are thought to be about bells are rung to keep the witches away.

Book of Shadows (grimoire)
 – The first thing all witches require is their Book of Shadows, This is the journal in which you write down absolutely everything you do pertaining to witchcraft, you document any occult studies, spells, healing, lotions, potions, and magic of any sort. This is the journal that will record your journey into the world of witchcraft, and is something that will prove to be invaluable during your magical journey. The Book of shadows is a book of rituals, magic, and healing lore, it is documented to teach, inspire, and guide, and offer ethical standards for all witches. Solitary witches pass their books down through the generations, covens document their practices and pass their spell crafting, rituals, ceremonies and healing practices down. Nothing is ever removed from the Book of Shadows, only added. The high priestess, or high priest, was traditionally the keeper of the Book of Shadows for the individual covens, and only one copy existed.

Angelic Assistance – A practicing witch will often call upon the protective energies of angels, or archangels. Angels are beings of light and reside on the spiritual plane, when they are seen by individuals they have the appearance of a beautiful white being with golden hair and huge wings. The lowest winged beings are angels, the highest winged beings are known as Seraphin.

Casting the Circle
 – Casting the circle is something you do before you begin meditating and prior to any spell casting or magic rituals, this is your circle of protection within which you perform your psychic work, meditation, and spell casting. You then call upon the four elements, earth, air, fire, water, and the archangels for protection. The archangels are responsible for issues concerning the human race in its entirety, four well known archangels are Michael Fire, Gabriel Water, Raphael Air and Uriel Earth. The goddess and god energies are invoked and bring divine energy to the circle. Your part is to then raise, and direct the energies that are channeling through from the cosmos. Once you have completed your magic work, centered, grounded, and closed yourself off, you thank the guardians, the gods and goddesses for their presence, finally you close off the circle.

The more you work in the world of magic the more you will appreciate the ritual of meditation and the invoking of energies to work with you. Each time you perform your circle opening, invoking, and working with universal energies, you will gain a greater insight into yourself. You are working with intangible and indefinable energies, you are receiving wisdom from higher realms, connecting with the divine within, and the divine without. How you work with these energies is entirely up to you as an individual practitioner of magic. Before the circle is cast the area can be purified and cleansed using incense, burning sage, and sprinkling salt.

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