So, I wanted to do something of a part two to my last article which I felt was mostly a rambling of a point I was stuck on. Originally I had an argument with a Christian, which is never smart. Dogma is like a parasite that roots itself in the consciousness and uses it as a puppet and all dogma is nothing more than a madness. A spiritual sickness and this man was VERY dogmatic. Christians are not inherently bad or good. Misguided in this day and age would be a better way to put it.

This Americanized, backwards, dogmatic mutation and bastardization of ideologies from capitalism, statism and cultural programming. Perhaps intentionally, but the occult student must be free of this cultural dogma if the ancient wisdom us to survive this atrocious age of both ignorance and advancement. Now, more than ever it is essential to break free from rigid ideas and question even our earliest mental programming with care, knowledge and wisdom. Not haphazardly as a half wise fool. Teal Swan, for example has a strong following. And she is a smart woman, but to a TRUE student of the occult, she is the half wise, stumbling around and around in the wheel of her cage, traveling ever upward yet never rising. Her folly is an all too common one in the deepest roots of the prior mentioned cultural program. To no fault of her own. That is this… She denies evil. More to the point…

Born again Christians, New agers, and anyone genuinely trying to escape it is still subject to it for the labyrinth of thought and of greater plains is no less than the one spoken of in ancient Greek Mythology. The Labyrinth of consciousness is THAT POWERFUL. Self realization and actualization in both dark and light, left hand path and right hand path are equally valid and important to the TRUE STUDENT.

The devils philosophy is equally valid as that of the one called YAHWEH. But the TRUE nature of it runs deeper still. For Lucifer and Yahweh are but two of countless being that we might call gods. Perhaps one of the greatest contributions to my own knowledge has been to genuinely consider all sides equally. And I have found that every God and Goddess is a beautiful and loving horror show that knows how to really make you feel those visceral and emotionally charged life lessons and unlike the wishy washy nature of this new age post modern Marxist nihilistic versus backwards Jesus loving prudish fascist nihilistic paradigm we have all been living in… the TRUE spiritual lessons are vitally transcendent and ultimately only the TRUE occult student will ever truly question or explore their own dogma, let alone admit they have it. The consciousness must bend if you are to transcend and it’s that simple. But let no God or goddess o wm your path but YOU. So here I wish to lay out every cultural religion through many ages as I can in this article to drive this subject home.

Abrahamic religions all vary in core beliefs, but there are several points that all monotheistic religions agree upon. Good people go to some form of heaven and bad guys go to some form of Hell. This black and white view of the matter is simple WRONG. The truth would take far too long to get into. Volumes upon VOLUMES exist on the nature of THAT subject. In many and sometimes DEAD languages.

In Buddhism and certain forms of Hinduism they believe much the same, except that there are countless heavens and countless hells. And in many OTHER religions, such as Norse mythology and Celtic as well as Shintoism (one of my favotrites) they teach that there are multiple spiritual kingdoms in between. Neither good nor bad. Such as the realm of the Fae, or Fairies, which is the realm directly in contact, one tier high than our earthly, physical dimension.
So you see… this black and white, dogmatic paradigm is a madness and it is our duty as students to learn as much as we can because what we hear today, he have to tell the new students tomorrow. THAT is the price of magick. To protect it. To lift the select few that genuinely want to follow this path up with us. This is the exact reasons why spirits of all nature do as human magicians ask. Because they wish to teach us and show us what they know in the way that a student is eager to learn. And they too, have secret gods that they pray to that are far from our human plain. Thus, as we transcend and become true magicians and true masters… we must not only question every step, but must continue to learn more and to break free of the dogma. Satan is not your enemy and angels don’t always inherently have what’s best in mind for humanity. (Angels balance the universe at large, of which mortal men and women are a tiny piece of and only one of many that have a place in that universe and should our existence ultimately stop, they would continue to balance the universe anyway.) And again, angels and demons are not only two sides of the same coin… but are only one coin among many. And ultimately we, as humans are gifted with free will. Upon death… the simple truth is… you will have many options and choices to make. And It will be for you and you alone to decide where to go and what to do with the knowledge you gain in this earthly realm. The only world where a mortal soul might become and immortal soul. And it is done only through knowledge. We owe that much to our ancestors. And to Hermes and Prometheus and Satan and all of the countless beings that cross the lines of the veil every day. And for all the eager new students and magicians out there stuck in the labyrinth of dogma and ignorance. We must light the flame of others and keep alive the TRUE ancient knowledge and wisdom of the occult and hidden things.


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