Energy Manipulation Discussion
Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work. Energy exists in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, or other forms. Many cultures use prayer and meditation as a means of focusing this energy, by clearing the mind of all of the clutter of thought that distracts from the singular purpose of focusing energy. Often times they will spend literally hours at these practices before they believe they have achieved the point of attaining the focus they require for their purposes. Many cultures abstain from things they desire for a certain period of time, in order to focus on this energy. That means abstaining from sex, drugs, alcohol, food, and drink (in general), as a means of purifying the body for the sole purpose of focusing the vital energy they need for some particular project or another, from healing to help find enlightenment. Other cultures utilize body postures and movements, in the midst of a mild form of meditation, called Tai Chi and Yoga, in order to help focus this energy. As this is a general and limited guide, I would suggest you look up methods to practice these if you have interest in them.

Others use visualization techniques, where in they visualize focusing the energies they need to utilize for whatever purpose they have set before themselves.

Practice meditation until you feel your energy. It often feels like a tingling, or a flowing, and can make it feel like your external/internal temperature has changed. Once you have felt your energy, focus internally on your flow. Become familiar with the flow through your arms, your body, your legs; every limb and every digit and every nerve. Feel the flow in your neck, up to your mind. Now that you have felt your own energies, you need to familiarize yourself with the energies surrounding you. Go to many places around you meditate and feel the energies of the life surrounding you. Try to collect small amounts of your energy in your fingertips or your palms . Once you can collect energy from your flow into your hands you can start to play with it externally. Hold your hands together, cupped, with your fingertips about an inch apart.

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