Demonic Possession: The Spiritual Gauntlet by Katabasis

A dark presence has followed me my entire life. A presence I have told only a few people about. There are beings far hidden under the depths of Hell, yet high above the throne of “God”. Things that are so far removed from our reality that they have driven countless truth seekers in the deepest angles of hidden occult truths into stages of madness, torment and even death. Things so profoundly beautiful and horrifying that the simple, mortal mind is ill equipped to grasp it without first being completely and utterly broken. Among the methods of breaking such a person in search of great wisdom is demonic possession.

Demonic possession is not at all what most people have been led to believe. Overcoming the demon is the task. To free yourself from The Devil inside. It is common for most people to take on this task to die. Some by suicide, others because they were not ready for that battle… but laced into this hidden war are those that found the trick. That the only way to overcome the demon is to embrace and become the demon.

You must become symbiotic with the thing you fear the most. This is a soul shattering event. It means releasing all illusions, it means that you must, in a sense, “Give your soul over to that being” or “Sell your soul”. This process is excruciatingly painful on all levels. Your body will suffer ill effects, often times a terminal illness that you must overcome with magick, supernatural forces within you. Often this means tapping into the placebo effect in order to achieve the impossible and overcome the impossible.

On an emotional level you will face humiliation and abuse. You may brutally have to face a death in your family or those around you. (In my case, my mother, my grandmother and a friend of a friend all died during this period. My mother and grandmother of natural causes in their sleep and the friend of a friend shot a police officer and then himself.) If not death then loss and grief in other ways. Often by the burning of bridges and the loss of your mind.

On a spiritual level, however, this pain and the break involved will set you free from the things holding you back from embracing your birthright as a godlike being in the flesh. Self mastery is born of this kind of break. This is literally the reason why initiates and adept warn the neophytes that this path is NOT FOR THE MEEK OR THE TIMID. You must have a fire in your heart. A black flame, like a desire to know the reality of it in visceral detail. Because you will know.

The key to turning this in your favor is to surrender. Once you do, the particular demon will begin to appear to you. Speak with the possessing demon. Firmly, but respectfully. Work with this being and embrace the brutal wisdom it has to offer. Do so while you swallow your fear and fiercely love yourself enough to take the next dreadful step in the vivid journey of demonic possession. Let the devil have you, for once all illusions are stripped away… the true spiritual journey can begin. And only then can you truly be called am initiate. Only then can you begin your ascension into your next step in spiritual evolution… Do you have the courage to run the spiritual gauntlet?

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