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In all forms of Magick, the cosmos and everything in it are deemed to be made up of four elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Most do not know of the Fifth Element, that of Spirit or deities , which rule as a Balance. In Dragon Magick, specific dragons rule these elements and help us through their powers when called.

Fire and Air are male (positive) energies while Water and Earth are female (negative) energies. Male and female dragons may appear to rule any element. In the world of Dragon Magick, each element has assigned traditional rulers and boundaries to their realms. They possess form and force, and can influence our personalities as well as magickal procedures. Each element and it's dragon has certain qualities, natures, moods, magickal purposes. positive and negative traits

  1. The traditional Pagan colors of the elements are; East- Yellow,, South-Red,, West-Blue, North-Dark Green
  2. To the Celts; East-White, South- Red, West-Gray, North- Black
  3. The Hindus used; East-Blue, South-Red, West-Silver, North-Yellow
  4. In China and Japan; East-Blue, South-Red, West-White, North-Black
  5. The Zunis of North America; East-White, South-Red, West-Blue, North-Yellow , then these are the ones for you.

The names of the Dragons of the elements  and the spelling and pronunciation of those names have proven compatible with Dragon Magick, however, knowing Dragons, they are probably not the actual names of the Elemental Dragons. They do work. This is all that is necessary. Air governs the Eastern quarter of the circle and the universe. It's dragon colors are pure yellow and thought to be warm and moist. Positive aspects are ; sunrise, spring,, incense, wand,, bell,  clouds, breezes, breath, optimisims, tornadoes, hurricanes. Fire rules the South quarter of the circle. It's Dragon Ruler is Fafnir (faf-neer) who oversees dragons of fire and the sunbeams. Its color is Pure Red and is warm and dry. Fire is will power, ; noon, summer, the dagger and sword, candles, incense burner, the sun, blood, laser surgery, enthusiaism, activity, change, passion, courage, daring, will power and leadership.. Negative associations ar; hate, jealousy, fear, anger, war,ego, conflicts, lightnings tornados. 

To be con't......... 

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