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All we ask is to respect each others privacy and to treat each other the way you want to be treated. Everyone has their own opinions and this is to be remembered.

No cursing, foul language or ridiculing another will be tolerated. If you believe a member is being abusive, please contact a Staff member and send them the post that is offensive.

Do not use another's content without giving them their credits and/or saying it is yours. If you want to include another's work in your article, be sure it is not copyrighted. If it is, you must check with the author to be sure you have permission to do so. Contact an Administrator if in doubt. If you find that another has used your material without your permission, please contact an Administrator and include a copy of that particular post. If a member has engaged in any of the above infractions, please contact a Staff member. The member may receive a warning. If a member receives 3 warnings  they, at the Staff member's discretion will be banned for a particular time, or for a permanent ban of all ROM sites. If the disgruntled member sends private messages to other members, these private messages must be reported and sent to an Administrator for resolution.Members may not advertise items for sale on the forum or in private messaging without permission from an Administrator.

Authors on front page have full access to the forum with the exception of the Staff boards. Members of the forum may read the articles and comment on them. If a forum member wishes to submit an article, they must have Administrative approval.

No disciplinary action will take place on the forum or on the front page. They will be handled discreetly with a Staff member. 

The same rules apply to both the front page and the forum.

Thank you for joining Realms of Magick. We look forward to getting to know you and having many discussions together.

Thank you,

The ROM Staff.

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