If you were, today, to ask an average American who is God, even an atheist of pure Darwinian science will immediately assume you mean the Biblical and Christian (But actually it’s really Hermetic, just putting that out there.) Definition. The all knowing and all seeing entity from which all is created… BUT… Who is God. Who is “Yahweh”? Or “Allah”, or even Nirvana?

“All thinkers, in all lands and in all times, have assumed the necessity for postulating the existence of this Substantial Reality. All philosophies worthy of the name have been based upon this thought. Men have given to this Substantial Reality many names — some have called it by the term of Deity (under many titles); others have called it “The Infinite and Eternal Energy”; others have tried to call it “Matter” — but all have acknowledged its existence. It is self-evident — it needs no argument.” – The Kybalion by William Walker  Atkinson

But what is It? Again I quote:

“We accept and teach the view of the great Hermetic thinkers of all times, as well as of those illumined souls who have reached higher planes of being, both of whom assert that the inner nature of THE ALL is UNKNOWABLE. This must be so, for naught by THE ALL itself can comprehend its own nature and being.” The Kybalion by William Walker Atkinson

But more still… what then is it to be God in terms that a mortal mind CAN grasp? This riddle is the big ticket item. Knock, knick, ladies and gentlemen and Lentlemen… old ones and new ones… The philosophers stone and the answer to what is God? The answer sought by scholars for ages. And now… If you Google the question right… Boom! Your occult journey begins at the click of a button.  Not only that… This is a golden age for occultism. And only truly golden for those at the forefront of supernatural and genuine magick pioneering and experimentation with ancient methods. This is what both the left and right-hand paths truly are.


On one hand you seek bliss on the right by surrendering to what is. Letting go of material things and focusing on ones perfect, magnum opus by way of deep meditation. By fasting and being naked in isolation for years… And going mad.


On the other… on the left you traverse the darkness having already embraced madness as a fact of life and dive head first into the abyss of strange and unspeakable things. Facing the horrid devil within you in a dance of balance until you have both hands the right hand path and the left and see the otherwise invisible paths in between the strange angles of time and space.

That is the hidden nature of the universe and the name of any so called God, goddess or otherwise you might imagine. But wait, there’s more! Consciousness itself. Self awareness of self awareness is where it must truly begin… By first and foremost accepting the God in the mirror.

Like a lump of clay. It can be molded and morphed to fit desire and need. But the human form is so much more. Self awareness is not just some lofty spiritual thing. It is the practical magick of the mundane.

Going to the gym because you’d like.your avatar to be fit. Doing martial arts because you have a strong desire to be a ninja one day. Silly as it sounds. It’s pouring your heart into itself with the love that i see too many people giving away to ungrateful swine. Give yourself Prince charming, or a queen if you wish, but do it by mastering yourself for you must know that while real sorcery and magick are divine, action still has most if the power. And in turn your love can be a master unto itself. And you need never seek to be defined by another and be only with another for the pleasure of it.

In the same way, if you become a God.  If you accept yourself as the highest order in your life and do so lovingly then the answer to God is just that. The philosophers stone  is just that.


Like an art form weaved of setting into motions series of events through ritual and in return landing exactly where it is you want to be. The true art of mental alchemy. It is to find the world within and shape it and feed it so much of your effort that the world outside of you molds to embrace thus new reality.

In the ritual chamber… You literally are the highest order in the universe… use that knowledge. That is the essence if witchcraft and sympathetic magick.

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