A brilliant neurologist once made a diagram of what the body looks like to the brain. It showed a homunculus with large ears, hands, eyes, nose and lips and other parts with small arms and legs. What is fascinating, I have discovered, as that with all imagery, you can use this to try and heal the mind and even the spirit.

Many of the same principles of the body also apply to the mind and the spirit. For example, if you body is cut, you must rinse the wound and then bandage it to prevent infection and there is a time when the wound will throb and hurt, followed by an itching to remind you that you were injured there and finally sealing and leaving a scar. When the mind or spirit is similarly inflicted, you must examine the injury, cleanse it with tears and then you’ll have an intense period where you are angry about it, similar to inflammation and then after a time you’ll be reminded of it until it finally heals.

Like the body as well, if a spiritual or mental wound does not heal right, there will be disability until the wound is reopened and correctly healed.

May your wounds be slight, heal quickly and leave no scars.


Peace and harmony to you.


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Weird and wonderful medical professional trying to make the world a little better.

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Katy · June 3, 2017 at 5:11 am

great article! i can’t wait to read more )O(

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