Is it really possible to travel in our dreams and to enter another persons dream?  Many believe that dreams are just your subconscious or your brain going over different scenarios or experiences throughout your life. When we get into bed and start to drift off, we enter what feels like a suspension in time. Have you ever had the feeling of falling and you jerk awake when you were almost asleep? I believe that this is your body’s reaction to astral projection, and if you haven’t practiced this, it can be quite scary.

There are several different types of dreams that we may experience. Emotional dreams are when we create them from unfulfilled wishes/goals, failures and fears, such as; death, loneliness or insecurities. These dreams are usually nightmares that are made from our subconscious. Lucid dreams are your personal or collective unconscious; they tend to be more vivid and remembered easily when you wake up. Premonition dreams happen when your soul needs to remind or tell you things that you are in need to know. Most of these dreams will show you outcomes or paint a picture of what you need to do about your current situations happening in your life. Mystic dreams show you psychic visions that have to do with your faith, current path or beliefs. They can also show you Angels, Demons or mystic symbols. Erotic dreams usually come to be out of necessity of the dreamer. This is usually because of some sort of sexual frustration in your relationship. Some of these dreams seem very real and can include taboos, perverseness and scary scenarios of rape and torture. But, they can also be what the dreamer is craving and not getting in their sexual relationships. Also they typically occur in adolescents or teenagers before puberty and are often referred to as ‘wet dreams’, because the dreamer may ejaculate or have an orgasm.

The Astral plane is thought to be between the physical and the spiritual world. When we dream we can sometimes enter this world, where there is no time or space to hold our spiritual body down in just one dimension. We can travel to other worlds and see places that only we can create. We can visit others in their dreams as well. This is a common practice in sex magic , voodoo, and other types of rituals.

There are typically four stages of sleep, these are:

  1. NREM Stage 1 sleep is when you close your eyes and decide to sleep; this stage may last one to ten minutes. You are lightly asleep but it is easy to be woken up. Characteristics of this stage are that your blood pressure lowers, your muscles are inhibited, your brain temperature decreases, and your heart rate goes down. Some people even exhibit eye rolling or even fluttering eyelids.
  2. NREM Stage 2 usually lasts between ten and twenty minutes. Although some of us spend most of our night in this stage. You are now in a deeper sleep and it is harder to be woken up. The blood pressure and heart rate are slow and steady, and your brain starts to emit larger waves.
  3. NREM Stage 3 typically lasts thirty five to forty five minutes. Our brain waves slow down and become larger. In this stage noises and outside influence usually gets no reaction and it is harder to become woken up. This stage is also known as Delta Sleep. In this stage, we can prepare ourselves to enter into the dream world, where we can travel into another’s dream.
  4. REM Stage 4 sleep is the final stage of the cycle. It is when rapid eye movement happens, and is when the most powerful dreams happen. The heart and respiration rate goes up, and the rhythm gets irregular. This is also the time some people sleep walk or wet the bed. REM stage usually lasts up to ninety minutes and get longer as the night goes on. It is also known as Paradoxical Sleep, because brain waves look like they do when you are fully awake, brain activity is heightened but most of our muscles are paralyzed. This is time when we can enter into someone else’s dreams because the brain activity is the strongest; typically we feel that our bodies are suspended in time, feeling weightless and almost transparent.

To prepare yourself for astral dream exploring, you should ground and center before entering into a dream state. This can be achieved by meditation or any other way you ground yourself. Sit quietly in a dark room and focus on the intent of your astral projection to the person you have chosen. If you just wish to enter the plane but not visit anyone, just meditate on that before falling asleep.

Say this out loud or to your self:

I your name wish to connect with other person’s name   on the astral plane. Let me remember everything that happens and no harm can come to either of us.

Keep this in your thoughts as you drift off to sleep. Record your experiences as soon as you wake up. Keep a notebook by your bed just for these sessions.

*Note: You should not drink alcohol or indulge in any other substance while doing this. It will be way harder to achieve REM sleep.


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Tammy · July 11, 2017 at 10:23 pm

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    Thank you Tammy!!

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Jayson Allen · July 11, 2017 at 10:32 pm

Well done! And one of my favorite topics. I like to practice different techniques during stage 1-2 like bending time, planting seeds for dreaming, and reaching out to others ( who have agreed to work togethermin dreams).

    Ravensoul · July 11, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    Thanks so much Jayson, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I definitely know what you mean, the possibilities are endless in the Astral plane!

Danielle · July 11, 2017 at 11:03 pm

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Connie MacDonald · July 12, 2017 at 12:50 am

Great article Billie, will have to try it sometime.

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    Thank you very much Connie!! Please let us know if you do!!

Lavinia Rose · July 12, 2017 at 2:13 am

Love it article, very interesting and good information

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