For centuries, human beings have been transcending the trappings of the body to reach a state of being that is truly amazing and out of this world: astral projection. Records indicate that astral projection was in use by the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians. But it is arguable that human beings have been performing astral projection since the dawn of human kind.

An Out of Body Experience, astral projection allows you to discover an entirely different dimension of consciousness. The experience assumes a belief in an astral body and an astral plane – spiritual counterparts of the physical body and the physical world.

Step 1: Relax, both your mind and body by:

– lying down in your bed/sofa/flat comfortable surface. The most important is to be on your back in a comfy position

– take slow, deep breaths and simply let yourself to relax even more

– focus on your breathing, and don’t get carried away with thoughts

– imagine them sinking into the bed or floating up and becoming weightless or simply going invisible.

Fully relax all the tension in your body.

– approximately after 10 minutes, you should already feel relaxed and dreamy

TIP 1: 


Your goal is to allow your body to fall asleep but your mind should stay awake.

Step 2: Vibrations 

Vibrations are completely normal and they are a sign that shows you are on the right way!

Try to still keep the relaxed mode without getting too much excited, because it may stop you from reaching your goal.

Simply be aware and pay attention to the appearance of vibration in your environment.

Not absolutely everyone gets them but they are very common.

You may experience a tingling sensation and also you could feel your physical body is shaking.

Step 3: Enter the hypnagogic state or half-sleep

Hypnagogia is the term for the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. 
We can experience hallucinations, sounds, and other sensations during the transition.

–  here you may follow your natural hypnagogic state, observe it and go deeper in your awareness

– at this stage, you are tricking your body to think that you fall asleep

– the important here is to stay fully relaxed without moving at all!


At this stage, you may go through a Sleep paralysis, but that’s COMPLETELY OKAY.

It is another ” sign ” telling that you are on the right path.

If you feel that you cannot move or that there is a weight on your whole body, simply:
– Calm down as much as you can and let it be. It will pass as soon as you relax

Step 4: Leave your body

After the vibrations, hypnagogia and perhaps sleep paralysis are over, you will be able to move out of your body.

-with your eye closed, focus on the thoughts on leaving your body

-imagine your spiritual (astral) body raising up from your physical body

-keep doing this until you feel like you’re floating up. This is a great sign that it is working

It may start by having only a part of your body free, such as your arms/legs, floating above you.

It may feel weird, but don’t worry because your real physical body is sleeping peacefully.


If you feel stuck in your body, don’t freak out, but try to relax and remember that your body is laying in your bed.

After being relaxed, your movements and your control over the dream should let you ”leave” your body without a problem.

  1. I was able to do it when I was little, (unconscious of what was actually happening, but it was AMAZING). I have been trying to do it now that I am older.

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