From 1990 the number of people claiming to Wiccans rose from 8,000 to 134,000 by 2001. Studies show that more than 140,000 people have entered the Pagan religion. Many believe Wicca is a form of santnism or devil worshiping,this however isnt true,the beliefs are different.Wiccans do not believe in christians satan. Wiccans also believe good and evil lies withins ones self. These are the 8 words of Rede,”If it harm none,do what you will”. Wiccans believe everyone has phsycic powers that lie dormant,because they dont know how to use these powers.

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Lady Faith 37

Hi everyone, I am new to this,but have always been very interested in this type stuff. So much to learn. I will be posting articles, plz check them then give your opinions on it. Good or bad all is welcome. Thank all you all

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